2. ExamplesΒΆ

Some examples are provided with the PyOpenGLng source in the examples directory, we will presents them in the followings.


PyOpenGLng was only tested on the Linux platform.

First of all, either you have to install PyOpenGLng (using virtualenv for example) or you must setup your PYTHONPATH environment variable. For example enter these commands in a Linux terminal:

cd pyopenglng

The script test-high-level-api.py shows an usage of the high level API for both OpenGL version 3 and 4. The first one is intended for platform running the Mesa 3D Graphics Library which support the OpenGL 3.3 API on Intel HD GPU (since release 10.0 / november 2013). The second one is intended for platform running a proprietary driver like the one provided by Nvidia which implements OpenGL up to the version 4.4.

To run this example, enter the following commands in a Linux terminal:

cd examples
python test-high-level-api.py --opengl=v3 # designed to run on Mesa
python test-high-level-api.py --opengl=v4 # require a proprietary driver